The Shards LARP (photos by Lukáš “Viper” Makovička)

It was a political, gamist larp with dramatic elements taking place in sci-fi setting. The players were really well compensated for their hard earned money, starting with silicon masks, costumes, computer projections, an in-game database, a robot and at last but not least, a tragical and dark story of the collapsing galactic civilization.

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Festival of chamber LARPs Live Action Pride ends! Within that week I hosted ten runs of Orlov LARP and it was really good experience.
Glory to the Emperor!

Orlov is a five-hour long chamber larp, which takes place on the brige of a spaceship. You will become a proud member of the Empire’s star fleet, braving many difficult obstacles and dealing with serious questions of ethics, loyalty and heroism. The epic sci-fi feeling will be supported by costumes, props and special effects”



New photos from the project Snaga: One Tribe One Story

"Snaga: One Tribe One Story is long-term project, wich will conclude with an exhibition in 2015. During the year 2014 we will collect documents for this exhibition."

Orc clan Snaga -

Do love the pictures from these orc’s